In August 1995, representatives from many of Georgia's group funds met and voted to form a not-for-profit coalition to assure the continued success of group self-insurance workers' compensation funds in Georgia.

The group decided to call the coalition the Group Funds Association (GFA). By-Laws were developed and approved, a board of directors was elected, and in September 1995, the GFA’s Articles of Incorporation were approved by the Secretary of State. Currently, the GFA has 10 "regular" or group fund members and 14 "associate" members.

The Group Funds Association's mission is to provide a vehicle for its members to cooperate and work collectively on matters of common concern and interest. Its strategic goals are:  

  • To promote legislation that supports and strengthens the operation of its members’ funds and to lobby legislators for the passage of favorable legislation or the defeat of unfavorable legislation.
  • To represent members’ interest in regulatory and other meetings with the Insurance Commissioner, Insurance Department's Staff, State Board of Workers’ Compensation and the Insurance Advocate's Office.
  • To serve as an open forum for members and related industry professionals to meet, to exchange information about industry opportunities and trends, and to learn more about the successful operation of group self-insurance workers’ compensation funds.

The Group Funds Association's members have access to a valuable network of professionals who share common goals and interests. GFA members are able to easily stay up to date on the latest legislation and regulations effecting funds. In recent years, insurance professionals, legislators and regulators have turned to the GFA as a source of valuable information about Georgia's workers’ compensation group funds. The GFA continually strives to promote the successful operation of Georgia's group self-insurance workers’ compensation funds.